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Shelf b-eck

Design: Jens Baumann

169,00 €209,00 € Tax included

With the shelf b-eck the idea of the shelf b modules is now applied to the corner of a wall.

Hard cover, paperback or even art books seem to ‘float’, only covered by a slender wood frame that does not touch the wall. The suspensions made of steel that hold the shelf is simply vanishing behind the books. The frames are made of domestic oak and stainless steel all manufactured in Hamburg.

The b-eck is a real enrichment for every corner. It cleverly uses space that usually is left empty. One shelf can be hung on the wall as a statement piece, or be combined individually with the other bookshelves b, making it now even run around the corner.

The shelf b-eck is available in three different heights.

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Product details

Product details

Material: oak and stainless steel

The shelf b-eck is available in three different heights.

For book formats up to 193 mm:
b-eck 1: BxH 350/500 x 223 mm, 169,00 €

For book formats up to 222 mm:
b-eck 2: BxH 350/500 x 252 mm, 189,00 €

For book formats up to 310 mm:
b-eck 3: BxH 350/500 x 340 mm, 209,00 €

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