das kleine b - timeless furniture for now

We have been designing and producing furniture and home furnishings since 2010 - first in Hamburg and since 1 January 2024 in Padborg. Clear, modern shapes and well thought-out details characterise our design and make our furniture timeless companions. All pieces are made by hand in our workshop.
We were honoured by the German Design Council with the Interior Innovation Award for the b shelf. The ladder brecht shelf received the "Special Mention" award and the gardero-b won the German Design Award.

The philosophy: Sophisticated designs and sustainable production
The bookshelf b was the first piece of furniture from das kleine b to go into series production back in 2010. A wooden frame made of solid oak and stainless steel brackets that disappear between the book covers create the impression of floating books.
Our entire philosophy can already be seen in this first shelving series - we want to create timeless quality. Solid oak slats are the constant design element. This characterises the style of the product line and ensures that all pieces can be combined with each other. We attach particular importance to high-quality materials and the best workmanship, as this is the only way to create long-lasting quality.
"We know that furniture can only be a lifelong companion if it is flexible and can adapt to different life situations. That's why, during the design process, we always think about what living environments look like and how they can change," says Jens Baumann, explaining his design approach. The result is a product line that can grow or shrink with the living conditions, that works in large spaces and small rooms and that never goes out of fashion.